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Posted on August 30, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Author:  Thomas C. Twin II
Author: Thomas C. Twin II
This is a hand made poster... I Patti Cooper got the hands out of the community news paper. The thumb was messed up so I fixed it the best that I could. I got a few picture's of the fetus and put them together in the shape of a heart... The reson for this poster is for all you inquiring minds! (I am prepared for when the ship comes in.)
Facebook Post
My prayer to Jesus asking him to please take the wheel!
Facebook Post
Letter to the Captain!
Letter to the Captain!
This letter is addressed to Capt. AmyJo Ferguson The Salvation Army of O'Fallon Corps Officer
Call to Worship
Call to Worship
Happy Labor Day, Year 2012
Happy Labor Day, Year 2012
Praying with action: "Praying to the owner of the harvest that he will send out workers/"LABORERS" to gather in his harvest"
Dear"SHOW ME" Your Hands - John 20:27 Participance:
I Patti Cooper, Author pin name Thomas C. Twin II.....  "Thomas Called the Twin was not with them when Jesus came."  John 20:24  (I Patti Cooper, feel that I was born to turn things around!)  I will not be doubting, I choose to believe!  I come to you to tell you that I believe that Jesus lives in YOU.  I was not able to see Jesus actions in you people.  I so tried to get you to bring out Jesus into this world.  Believe me it is and was not easy!  It is not you that I need to please, it is our Father Almighty!  For him I choose to believe that HE lives in YOU!  He told us that a great multitude ....  many, many, many people wearing white robes washed by the blood of the lamb, standing in front of the throne...   I believe Our God!  I believe his words!  We all have a right to choose, I choose to believe in HIM!  With this being said:  I have made ways for YOU people to bring out the love of Jesus in your heart!  "SHOWING OF ONE'S HAND SYMBOLIZES THE LOVE OF JESUS IN YOUR HEART!"  I have not yet seen any show of hands except my own.  I the Co Founder of  (Jesus is the founder-John 20:27) We = Jesus and myself, WE choose to believe that Jesus is with me always, and always Jesus is with me.  WE choose to believe HIS words.  WE ask for the show of your hands one more time!  WE own 3.2 acres of land with a well and a septic system on it.  WE need at least $10.000 so that WE can get out of the mold infested environment that WE  have been living in.  WE feel that with the help of the masters hands....  WE can auction off the land and the money that WE receive after the $10.000, Will be used to help people, helping people 
Let us be ONE as Father and Jesus are ONE, Let us be ONE in Them, with Them and for Them.  AMEN.  "LET US BE ONE!"
If you wish to learn more of how the title to this "ONE" blog came into being, please feel free to view the attachments:
WE hear ten thousand, ten thousand, Do WE hear twenty thousand?  Do WE hear?  It is going once, it is going twice, it is going and almost gone.   "It's In HIS Hand"

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