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Attention: President Barack Obama

Posted on September 26, 2011 at 1:03 PM
"SHOW ME your hands" John 20:27
[email protected] has written a letter to our President Barack Obama.  Asking him to help us honor His, Our First Lady and Vice President Bidens request:
"We the people of United States of America look to our local Community for Opportunities to assist our neighbors in need." 
We the people are in need of help in creating "Volunteers in Dentistry!"
Also we could use some assistance with helping one of our neighbors who has been falsely accused and condemned by a city, school, and the district administration.  These three groups of people punished this innocent person and they had no remorse.  They did this and went on with life as if nothing was going to be done unto them for what they did to our neighbor.  They told our neighbor to just let it go.....  Our neighbor tried and even went to see a counselor.  The counselor said the same thing...  "Let It Go!"  We are showing our hands and let our neighbor state his/her statement as we have proof that our neighbor was not able to do so when he/she was being falsely condemned.  We have documentation that our neighbor is innocent.  Proof has been written in our-
"Show Me your hands" book. 
There Is Hope, Come See It! 
 View the chapter that is titled:    
 "Let there be delay no longer!"   
Our book is one that never ends.  It goes on and on our friends.  It's about kin helping kin and kin helping kin over and over again and again.  

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Well I have shared the new with my friends as well and with fellow workers at as well so that they can contribute as much as they can to help the poor man in need.
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Do you think he was a good president? I want to know your opinion about him.
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